Tree Service in the Vail Valley

Brush Creek Landscaping and trees is a full service landscaping and tree service company in the Vail Valley.  We offer Tree care with highly qualified Certified Arborists.

Trees are an integral part of any landscape and Brush Creek Landscaping has 3 ISA Certified Arborists on staff to address any and all tree care needs. BCL offers tree inspection, pruning, deep root fertilization, stump grinding, spraying, and removals including crane removals for those trees in trickiest of spots. Our experts are well versed in forestry needs and fire mitigation.

Municipalities, homeowner associations and county governments rely upon B.C.L. & Tree Service as their primary source of tree health care and preservation information and implementation.

Serving Eagle, Garfield and Pitkin Counties.

Brush Creek Landscaping

Eagle, CO 81631 Tel 970.446.7149
Lawn Care
Brush Creek Landscaping currently serves many of Eagle County's most prestigious estates with arboricultural services, increasing the properties' beauty and value through our Wellness and Tree Management programs. Wellness Programs are designed to improve the health of trees and shrubs on your property... Learn More
Zero Scaping

Zero Scaping

BCL provides several hardscape options.  Zero scape is now becoming the best and most requested landscape.  We offer concrete edging and crushed rock instead of organic material like wood chips and or mulch.  We also do Concrete, Stone slabs and Decks to fill in the void.  Give us a call and we will find the best product for your location.
Tree Services
Many of Eagle County's largest commercial and property management companies rely on Brush Creek Landscapings's services to increase the value of their trees. Brush Creek Landscaping's certified arborists manage and care for a property's trees and specialize in identifying customers' liabilities, regardless if the property is a multi-site complex or a single structure. Learn More